The Alumni Club brings together all Award holders who believe the Award is an important part of their lives. It is open to anyone who has completed at least Silver level. It brings together people who have achieved the Award in Bulgaria and works to keep the link between past, present, future participants and everyone associated with the programme in Bulgaria.

What do Alumni Club participants do?

They continue their Award adventure, helping current participants as leaders or assessors, supporting the Foundation team with their skills and different perspectives. They can become actively involved in events, publicity processes, meetings, fundraising campaigns and other activities related to the organization.

  • Rumyana Ashkova
    Rumyana Ashkova Gold Award holder. Currently President of the Alumni Club of Bulgaria
    Positive and smiley, finds herself an energetic, curious and alert young person, in constant search of new experiences and adventures. Perhaps this is exactly why she was “introduced” to the Award in the first place and why the program became such an important part of her high school years. She sees her Award as the last day of her “old” life.
    Today she lives and studies in the UK. “The Award builds useful and necessary qualities in anyone who takes it on. The most valuable thing for myself was perseverance. As a curious person, I always wanted to try new things, but quite often left these new passions unfinished. The Award, however, motivated me to set goals to strive for and not give up until the end. In fact, through it I realized how good it feels and the sense of satisfaction one feels when they finish what they started. Three years later, I am still taking on many different things, but now I am persistent and see everything through to the end,” Rumi says of her experience with the Award.

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