What is the Аdventurous Journey?

In a nutshell, an Аdventurous Journey is an experience in nature during which, working in a small group, all participants plan, learn and undertake a journey with a purpose, in an unfamiliar environment.

Often an adventurous journey  involves hiking in nature, setting up and staying overnight in a tent camp, cooking outdoors, and navigating with a map and compass. Sometimes young people choose to do an exploration journey, by researching either the nature around them or ethnographic, historical, or other features of the area.

Why is the Adventurous Journey a must?

The adventurous journey gives young people the opportunity to work in a team in a challenging but safe environment – in nature, making decisions as part of their team, young people become aware of their personal responsibility, gain a sense of autonomy, learn to face challenges and seek the most effective solutions to them.

This section  of the program also predisposes young people to create an irreplaceable connection with nature and an understanding of man’s influence on it.

How do we ensure the safety of young people?

All young people who are due to take part in an Adventurous Journey go through a series of trainings (first aid, bivouacking, orienteering, etc.) and route preparation and planning meetings, supported by a Supervisor. The Supervisor has undergone certification training and their role is to prepare the young people, making sure they have acquired all the necessary skills to have a safe and memorable experience.

The young people always move in a group and although the Supervisor may not walk closely with them, he is always in close proximity, ready  to react in any situation.

In addition, the Supervisor and participants also do a preparation journey of lesser duration to test equipment and reinforce their knowledge before the actual adventure.