How does the program work?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global structured non-formal learning programme that encourages young people to set personal goals and develop themselves and their communities in small steps. With the help of an experienced adult as their role model and mentor, they challenge themselves, discovering their purpose, passion and place in the world.

The Award builds key skills such as determination, perseverance, teamwork, self-discipline and organisation which are an important part of every young person’s personal and professional fulfilment

The programme is available for:

Schools and universities

Nonprofit organisations

Business enterprises

Benefits of the Award

For your school or organisation


You become part of the family of a prestigious international personal development programme for young people

Contribution to the community

You receive a methodology through which mentors, young people and their parents develop and contribute to the well-being of the community


You give young people in your organization the opportunity to enrich themselves in different areas of interest

Upgrading skills

You give your staff the opportunity to develop leadership and mentoring skills


You gain a tool that can bridge the gap between teachers and students or motivate employees in your organization

Exchange of experience

An opportunity to share experiences and work on collaborative projects with other organisations that are part of the Award’s international family (over 140 countries to date)


Becoming part of a national initiative that is under the patronage of the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria

Teachers, who work directly with participants


Receive international certification as an Award Leader and become part of the prestigious international Award community


Have the opportunity and prerequisite for closer communication and contact with young people participating in the Award

Exchange of experience

Have the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with Award leaders from all the countries where the Award is being delivered

Building contacts

Opportunity to create useful social contacts at national and international level


Personal satisfaction and sense of fulfillment

Useful tool

A tool through which the more passive young people in the organisation or school can be motivated, as well as giving additional incentive and recognition to active young people

Youth ages 14-24

Useful skills

Acquire highly valued universal skills that enhance their success within the curriculum – negotiation skills, research, communication, problem solving, perseverance, teamwork

Development of your potential

They develop their potential and gain awareness of their strengths and weaknesses

Building contacts

Create new friendships and relationships with their peers as well as other generations to do something positive and constructive in their spare time


Increase their self-confidence and self-esteem


Participants take initiative and responsibility to achieve their personal goals and overcome their limitations by following their individual plan


Engage actively with the community in which they live and make a real impact on positive social change through their personal contribution


Increase their opportunities for professional and personal fulfilment


young people are rewarded for their efforts with The Duke of Edinburgh’s prestigious International Award certificate

Become part of a global network of schools and organisations

You need to follow 4 easy steps:

1. Form of interest

Filling in the interest form in as much detail as possible so that we can get acquainted with the activities of your school/organization

2. Meeting with us

First meeting with a representative of our team, the school principal and the team that will work on the program

3. Agreement

Signing a license agreement

4. Training

Participation in a training course for the application of the Award


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  • Volunteering, in my opinion, is a multivitamin for the soul. Everything you do in good faith expresses you even more than the profession you have or the school you study at. The good societies we want to belong to are those with people who support each other. Of all the types of support, I believe that the most rewarding is that of young people. We often think of children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and this is the minimum required, but it must be developed and supported by the aspiration upwards, the curiosity of youth, the desire to establish yourself and the muscular joy you experience from physical work. The award gives all this to our most promising people - the young people of Bulgaria, Europe and the world.

    Nelly Kostadinova
    Nelly Kostadinova Award Leader
  • The best part of Leadership in the Award is the opportunity to work fully with young people. This helps the leader to be a better teacher, a better parent, a better partner, a better person. In addition, Leadership gives a sense of family - they call it international, but our national family is a cozy island of mutual support, trust and goodwill. This is exactly what gives us the opportunity for creativity and achievement with a smile, which I find invaluable. The achievements that leave us human are really important for young people and for our whole society.

    Nelly Kostadinova
    Nelly Kostadinova Award Leader
  • Programs like the Award help more people grow up getting used to being a volunteer or learning something new is part of your life.

    Elitsa Barakova
    Elitsa Barakova member of the Honorary Trust of the Award in Bulgaria; executive director of the BCause Foundation
  • I believe in the potential of every person. I'm sure it's in us and it's huge. The more we unlock it, the more we make us and the world better and richer in every way. The award is a quality tool that combines experiences, fun, friends. As a parent, I wish it to my children, as a teacher I would offer it to my students, and as an instructor I would encourage them to make an adventure trip. And if I were a young man, I would gladly get involved. It is very easy to decide to support an initiative that has so many benefits for so many people.

    Teodor Vasilev
    Teodor Vasilev founder of the Award in Bulgaria
  • The award is one of the good examples of an initiative and program that, despite political changes, continues to be supported because it is something significant for young people in this changing world, changing education systems around the world.

    Teodor Vasilev
    Teodor Vasilev founder of the Award in Bulgaria
  • For me, this is a brilliant program. It offers young people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, a real opportunity to grow and learn, to develop resilience, initiative, teamwork skills, a sense of social responsibility because we live in a world and environment that are bigger than us, but we play our part in this context.

    H.E. Dr. Rob Dixon
    H.E. Dr. Rob Dixon Ambassador of the United Kingdom
  • In fact, the educational institution is not just a place for learning and knowledge accumulation. We must all long ago realize how essential elements of social and economic life must be involved within this system. All forms of personal growth, social causes and participation in partial economic processes are extremely important for young people. Young people need extremely good preparation for the challenges of the modern world.

    Dimitrina Todorova
    Dimitrina Todorova Principal of the Profesional School of Programming and Innovation in Burgas
  • The Award is a unique tool for encouraging activity among young people because it gives them the confidence that they can cope with the challenges. It helps them build key skills, which increases their competitiveness, confidence and creativity, develop empathy and become acquainted with volunteering, which is an opportunity to actively participate in changing relationships, environment and community. Support is important for every person at every stage of his life. Especially with young people, so that they can believe in themselves, in their own strengths and abilities. It helps them move forward, achieve good results and be inspiring.

    Valentina Vasileva
    Valentina Vasileva Award Leader
  • The Award provides the necessary environment to develop the soft skills that we all need beyond the school building in real life. Each participant manages to develop in himself the skill of time management, perseverance and responsibility, which are valuable in any field of activity. Quite useful, of course, is the process of goal setting, which is one of the most difficult things to learn, but at the same time an extremely valuable skill for any successful person.

    Radoslava Georgieva
    Radoslava Georgieva Award Leader
  • I believe that the Award should be accessible to more and more young people in Bulgaria and around the world, because the knowledge acquired in school needs the skills and experience that programs like the Award accumulate in young people, inspiring them to challenge themselves.

    Tsvetanka Kirova
    Tsvetanka Kirova Principal of "Dimitar Blagoev" High School, Svishtov

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Become part of a global network of schools and organizations in over 140 countries that offer their students the opportunity to participate in the Award and receive non-formal education worldwide. As a structured personal development program, the Award provides a balanced framework in which participants have the opportunity to develop their skills, volunteer and play sports.

Award ceremonies

Award ceremony for 62 Bulgarian students who achieved gold and silver levels in the Award

Bronze Award Ceremony at the Britanica park school

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