Отключи потенциала на твоето училище с Наградата EN

До 30.09.2021 всяко училище в България има възможност да кандидатства в националната кампания по лицензиране в програмата на Наградата и да стане оператор към Фондация “Международна награда на [...]

You can sign up here if your school is not part of the Award network in Bulgaria. To do so, take a look at the available Leaders below and choose one. Then complete and submit the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know the next steps.

Please note that as a free participant in the Award  you will have to pay a one-off fee per level of 50 BGN. This amount includes your certificate and badge upon completion, the organisation of an Award ceremony, the organisation of the adventurous journey, and ongoing support and assistance from the Award team should you need it.

  • Radoslava Georgieva
    Radoslava Georgieva Teacher, trainer, mentor and everything related to education
    Creating different plans, programs, organizing different processes. Dance and folklore. Making things with my hands. Presenting and leading trainings.
  • Marina Valkova
    Marina Valkova Marketing and Communications Specialist
    Personal development, yoga, playback theater, theater of the senses, event organizing, story writing, poetry, hiking and playing board games.
  • Neli Dimitrova
    Neli Dimitrova Project management, biology teacher by vocation.
    Good books, contacts with young people, meeting friends, organizing surprises. I practice sports only as a fan of various disciplines. I love animals, but even more I love conscious people who care about our nature and I believe that every person should mature to this level in their life.

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  • Dobrina Vassileva
    Dobrina Vassileva Market Analyst
    I love to read, swim and run. I love hiking in the mountains, sleeping in a tent and travelling with a camper. I can be useful as a leader, but also with knowledge in learning, thinking, motivation, health and wellbeing, as well as working with data, making presentations, speaking in front of an audience.

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  • Diana Dimitrova
    Diana Dimitrova Key Account Manager
    I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes. I am a fan of seeking a healthy lifestyle in its various aspects (not only food and sports). I have been involved in conditioning and mobility training for two and a half years. Like most people, I also enjoy reading – lately mainly on the topics of psychology, healthy living, business and sales and of course fantasy/romance novels for relaxation. I like animals and have a dog and we train each other. I enjoy watching movies, especially the recent superhero ones. I like to travel and visit non-touristy places and backstreets.

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The Duke of Edinburgh International Award – Bulgaria Entry Form

If your school is part of the Award network, sign up directly by speaking to the coordinator.
It would be great if you could also tell us how you know about the Award
Please choose a Leader You can select a Leader from the drop-down menu and we will contact you if they are currently accepting new participants. If not, we will find another suitable Leader for you.